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Tam Tran

6.55 AM

My alarm rings, I turn off my alarm knowing that there is another alarm set to go off in another 5 minutes. I mentally prepare to wake up and seize the day then the 7.00 o’clock alarm goes off, I spring out of bed and put on some ‘pick me up’ music to get my mind right for the day ahead. I jump into the shower, brush my teeth and I change into the outfit I picked out and ironed the night before.

7.50 AM

I get into the car and put on a podcast or something from ted talks to make the most out of my time especially being stuck in traffic.

ANZ graduate commuting to work by taxi

8.30 - 9.00 AM

Once I get into the office I settle in with a cup of tea, check my emails, calendar, daily reports on our portfolio, see what’s on my to-do list and touch base with my manager to set out and prioritise tasks for the day.

ANZ graduate Tam Tran

10.30 AM

With the occasional calls from customers coming through, I power through the list of tasks that need to be completed. Tasks include risk grading, documenting events that have occurred on the portfolio, submitting and managing asset finance enquires, compliance checklists, follow up customer enquiries and completing and assessing financials.

ANZ graduate on the phone

12.30 PM

As I start to smell food from fellow colleagues at lunch, I decide it’s time for me to join them. Most of the time I bring lunch from home but occasionally I head out for lunch at some of the lovely shops around the business centre.

1.30 PM

Back from lunch, I am off to a meeting with my fellow colleagues and project coach to work on a group project that we have been given as part of the program. The project looks at transactional banking in the front line and how we can improve the current processes. There is always a lot of energy and excitement around what we are delivering as we will be presenting the project to the head of transactional banking with the potential of it being rolled out.

ANZ Graduate in a meeting

2.00 PM

With half an hour before my next meeting, I touch base with where I last finished off to complete what I can and prepare documents for a meeting with a new potential client later in the day.

2.30 PM

With my eye on the time, I grab my laptop, notes and printouts to a meeting room and dial into a weekly conference call to the Wholesale credit support team to discuss our portfolio and the reviews that are forthcoming. We discuss what’s coming due and what requirements are needed from both parties.

ANZ Graduate on his computer

3.15 PM

Coming out of the meeting, I address the points in the meeting with my manager, chase up other departments/colleagues and send through documents to the team to complete the reviews.

3.45 PM

Next up, which is the best part of the job, is a meeting with a potential customer. As we are on our way, my relationship manager and I will discuss what we know about the customer.  Once there, discussions start with what the customer does, who is involved and what the customer is looking for as well as the requirements we require from them, we finish off with a tour around the business and make our way back to the office.

5.00 PM

Once back in the office, I touch base with my relationship manager to discuss what we thought of the potential client and proceed to compile and document on what was discussed at the meeting.

5.30 PM

It's home time, heading back from work I put on music from Spotify to get my mind right for the gym.

ANZ Graduate walking to work

6.30 PM

I’m straight to the gym for a much-needed session and then straight to the grocery store to buy ingredients to cook dinner. Dinner is served and Netflix is on and before you know it I’m off to bed ready for another exciting day tomorrow.