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Dulux Group

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Bonnie Jenkinson

7.00 AM

Wake up. First things first, coffee! I put on the morning news and get up to speed on the latest happenings. Oh, and it looks like Melbourne’s weather is going to change five times today, no surprise! Now to get ready – usually corporate attire, as it is common to have meetings with externals regularly.

8.00 AM

Out the door and on my way to Clayton to the DuluxGroup head office. I turn the radio to Smooth FM to start my day on a relaxing start. I know this is my time to relax before I walk through the doors of the office where time goes very quickly and no two days are the same.

8.30 AM

I turn on my laptop and check my meetings for the day. I ensure everything is ready for each of those meetings and that any urgent emails I was waiting to check I have received back. I plan my day around what I need to do between meeting times.

I smash out as much as I can before my first meeting for the day. I respond to emails, I call agencies, I check items for stores have been sent out and I review anything pending.

9.30 AM

First meeting. I am working on launching a new product so I have all stakeholders in the room. Those who can’t be in the office have phoned in. We discuss where the new product is currently at compared to the timeline and confirm that all actions that needed to take place before this date have been completed. We create further actions, I then run out the door to my next meeting.

10.00 AM

I work with our team who are experts in colour. I speak to them about the best images to showcase in a new guide that will be going out to the public. We swoon over how beautiful the latest trend colours are and how gorgeous the styling is. We decide on three beautiful shots that showcase the latest autumn trend colours. I’m inspired and tell myself I am going to paint my bedroom that colour someday soon.

11.00 AM

I have a free hour right now, great! Geez, 35 more emails… where did they come from since 8.30 am?! I use this time to review some more creative assets that have been designed. I remind myself of the objectives for these and the messaging we need to convey to our consumers. I ensure the creative assets (for example, digital banners) are relevant, meet the objectives and ensures our brand is viewed in the best possible light. I have a free hour right now, great! Geeze 35 more emails… where did they come from since 8.30 am?! I use this time to review some more creative assets that have been designed. I ensure the creative assets (for example digital banners) are relevant, meets the objectives and ensures our brand is viewed in the best possible light.  

12.00 PM

Quick lunch break – I catch up with others outside and enjoy some sunshine.

12.30 PM

I catch up with my manager and discuss all the items I am currently working on and where they are sitting. We talk through any specific things we are working on together and make actions.

1.30 PM

I meet with one of our external agencies who is working on packaging for one of my new products. We speak through the current packaging concept and what needs to be updated and changed. We plan out how we want imagery to look along with the most important messages. We are all in agreement on what needs to be done and the vision.

3.00 PM

Weekly phone catch-up with some of our agency partners. We go through our agenda items and discuss pending items, we ensure we are all up to date and we double check timelines. We all end up off topic and talk about how great the lunch was they provided at the last meeting. Back to business. We speak through what is in the pipeline for various ranges, brands and finish up our meeting.

4.00 PM

I head over to our innovation building and speak to one of our chemists who is working on a new formula for a new product. We speak about how the formula performance is going and next steps.

5.00 PM

Okay, time to smash out some more work, reply to emails and return phone calls I may have missed. Time passes by and I realise I need to head out the door.

5.45 PM

On my way back home. Have I missed Triple J hack? If so, Smooth FM it is again!

6.10 PM

Time for some yoga, meditation and a walk.

7.30 PM

Dinner and settling down for the night.

9.30 PM

I watch some Mad Men on Netflix, text my girlfriends screenshots of new brunch spots to try and head off to bed.