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Lucy Donkin

5.40 AM

Wake up and go to the gym. I have mastered the art of getting to the gym on time with maximum sleep achieved.

6.00 AM

Gym class. I feel much more ready for the day to have a workout and get my limbs moving early on.

7.00 AM

Have a shower at the gym, clothes and make-up.

8.00 AM

Walk to work. I usually like to arrive early at work to get myself ready for the day. Debrief with my team.

Lucy at her desk

8.30 AM

Morning Planner. This is dedicated meeting time each morning where we have something organised to go over as a team. Today we are going through our sales targets to see where each team member is sitting for the month and if we are happy with our position.

Lucy at their team meeting

My team is very supportive so we help each other. We talk about any issues or tough enquiries that we had recently and share thoughts and perspectives. This morning it was sourcing a niche supplier for a specific enquiry. My boss jokes about how we sell everything but sliced bread!

Lucy with her team mates

Each member of my team specialises in a different area so that as a whole, we have all the knowledge we could possibly need for our customers. For example if I need to know about the benefits of flying on a Dreamliner or a 777, I can chat with someone who specialises in aircraft, or, if I want to know which is the best airline alliance for flying around the world, I’ll speak with the person who knows all there is to know about airline alliances. Sometimes I may not be sure of a specific command to use on our flight booking system, so I’ll speak with the person who is an expert in Sabre, our booking system. As a team, we’ve got it all covered!

Flight Centre Graduate:Lucy conferring with a team mate

9.00 AM

And the doors are open! Phones are ringing and enquiries from our website are flowing through

10.00 AM

Suppliers are always updating their products and releasing new special offers, so they drop by from time to time to update us on what’s available. It is important to have a strong rapport with our suppliers as they can be really helpful when we need assistance with specific bookings.

Flight Centre Graduate - Lucy with a supplier

2.00 PM

One of the less fun parts of the job is being on hold with airlines! Sometimes there’s no other way to make alterations to booking once it’s been confirmed. After being on hold for an hour, I sneak out to take lunch.

Flight Centre: Lucy during lunch break

3.00 PM

Appointments. I usually organise them for the afternoon as the morning can get quite busy with new enquiries.

Lucy at work

5.30 PM

Trade is closed.

Flight Centre: Lucy calling it a day

6.00 PM

Get home and take my pup for a walk. My go-to dinner at the moment is grilled salmon with roasted vegetables and pearl couscous. Highly recommend.